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    I am presently a Rogers customer. Now that Fido and Rogers have merged, I'd really like to access Fido's unlimited data plan! Do you know if I have to switch over to Fido or can I just add the data plan to my phone?

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    Nope they won't let you. They still run it as two seperate companies.
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    If you are Fido subscriber, you can pay additional 5.00 per month and have access to Rogers' cell towers. Rogers subscribers have free access to Fido cell towers.
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    Does the Fido unlimited data plan still exist? I saw a plan but it required a Hiptop device...
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    Yes, Fido's unlimited data plan still exist. The cost is 50.00 per month (plus the system access fee and taxes), North American wide (US and Canada only) with no roaming fees. I have been to use it in California, Texas, Florida, Chicago, New York, and Atlanta with no issues. I just connect to data like I do back in Toronto. You might have to speak to a Fido rep as I haven't seen the 50.00 plan on their website ever since they removed the PCMCIA data card.
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    Thanks Redcap - would you know if I can buy the unlimited data plan with a prepaid SIM?
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    I don't think so. I asked a rep if I can add prepaid voice onto my unlimited data account and they said no. I will make a call tomorrow.

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