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    i have a Tri-band GSM phone (works in GSM1900 frequency, unlocked) with me, and wonder whether i could use it in Canada's GSM providers ,such as Rogers and Fido, or not.

    My question is..

    1. Is it possible to buy SIM card Only from them? If yes, how much is it?

    2. Is it possible to buy SIM card Only for their Pre-paid services? If yes, how much is it?

    3. As GSM service provicers, which one Rogers and Fido do you prefer?

    Thanks a lot
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    I was just in Toronto this week, with a quad band 600 and a T-Mobile SIM. It worked fine all week, roaming to fido and rogers as it saw fit. I did pay though the teeth though, to the tune of 60˘ a minute, and $6/meg of data (it was business, so it didn't matter). I did check out buying a local pre-paid sim, as I usually go that route when I'm out of the US. (I chose not to this time).

    (1 & 2) Yes, you can get a sim card from either carrier. It's $25 for the pre-pay sim. You don't get charged for the sim if you are buying into their normal service, but you do then agree to buy service from them for a year.

    Both carriers worked fine for me in Toronto, though my phone roamed to Rogers most of the time. I don't know if that's because Rogers was listed in my sim as a preferred carrier, or because their signal was better. Note that I am pretty sure that Rogers and Fido just merged, so it may not much matter anymore.

    Bill S
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    I see..i'll go for either fido or rogers.

    Anyways thanks a lot
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    Actually, Roger's bought Fido, so its really best to get Roger's that way you can have access to both network. YOU BE GETTIN' SOME MAD SEEG wit DA NEW Rogers Bol!
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