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    I have a vey bad buzzing problem with my phone and Palm One's attitude is bizarre. However much I complain they state I should talk to Orange even though its not a network problem.

    They say

    "I'm sorry but answering any form of question would mean taking responsibility of a non-supported device. Since we are not responsible for the device in the area of support, we are not allowed to provide you with any support, repair, replacement or refund."

    Does anyone know why it is an "unsupported device"?

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    Orange provide the support for the device, or at least they should. I went into an Orange shop saying that I was getting a memory error when using backupman. I was told that because backupman is third party software they couldn't help me. Also the salesperson in the shop said his phone had been causing problems, and he couldn't use it any more. He said that there weren't any repair centres in the UK, and Orange wouldn't pay to buy him a new one. Sounds ridiculous - if that's how they treat their own staff what hope is there for the rest of us. Fortunately I'm coming to the end of my contract and will soon be rid of my treo!
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    I lost one of the little rubber jobbies off the back of the of the Treo so I contacted p1 and they put me in touch with ANOVO, the company that carries out Treo repairs in the UK. Turns out they're in Norwich. This is their number: 01603 269960. (Sent me the rubber thing gratis).
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    But did you buy the phone through Palm One or through Orange? I bought my through Orange. Mine developed a buzzing problem and then a battery problem and once I finally got through the Orange customer support lines they organised a swap. Well, first they said they'd issue a replacement and then they got back to me saying it had to be a swap and I had to go through all the phone lines again to organise it. But once Orange had recognised it was a hardware problem they agreed to replace without any argument, though perhaps this was also because the phone was only a few months old.

    - Dave
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    In the end Orange swapped my phone although they didn't have to. I politely threatened to change operators and pointed out how large my bills are and they sent me a new phone.

    It has a much better screen incidentally. It sounded like the whole Orange/Treo relationship had broken down. They had months of future handsets listed on their system but no Treo 650.
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    hi guys,

    just a thank you note -I got my Orange Treo 600 repaired under warranty with A Novo - who I didn't know about until I found this forum

    I called Orange when the phone started playing up (its been trouble free for the last 7 months and exceptionally stable since the software update) they referred me to Palm - I called Palm and they referred me to Orange.

    I tried a couple more times just in case I was getting through to some crappy support staff but got the same story and I was getting more upset. All this whilst the phone was getting worse (reception, resetting itself, intererence etc)

    Out of frustration I Googled Treo 600 Orange warranty and came across the TreoCentral forums and this thread where I found out about A Novo.

    It was plain sailing from there - took about a week to get it back, but I am really happy now cos they replaced the unit with a new one

    Its just sad that neither Palm support don't seem to know that they've outsourced support for the Treo 600 in the UK to A Novo.

    I was about to buy another smartphone relunctantly (even thought the Treo form factor suits my needs exactly) but now I'm back up and running.

    Thanks once again !

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    oh and by the way, it's got firmware 3.05 and software 1.12

    its so much faster than my old device (even after the 1.12 update on my old device)

    its weird - its a lot faster (eg the 'home button' but the screen quality has gone down - it looks a little more washed out and when you touch the screen there's a bit more distortion - as if the screen is 'softer' than the old one.

    This unit says PalmOne on it and not Handspring.


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