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    Quote Originally Posted by ChasT
    Did you really expect them to say anything other than that

    Palm have said February 2005 for Europe, and Palm did not admit the 650 existed until about 1 week before they launched it, so it's hardly surprising that Orange have been told not to say anything.
    I agree - ask Orange again come February. In the meantime, Orange will try to sell you whatever they currently have!

    I am strongly inclined to try and import an unlocked GSM from elsewhere - either the USA or the Far East. It may work out cheaper then buying from Orange in the long term anyway.
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    The Orange people (like at any operator) have no clue what they will be selling in the near future. Last year the day when the 600 was released in France, the first Orange shop I went into said they didn't have Handspring phones and would never ever have them - quite a statement, but that's what they said. The next shop had them in stock.
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    This seems pretty interesting for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it's an article about the Treo in a major British newspaper. Blimey! Secondly, it has some interesting quotes from Ed Colligan. I've been having a protracted debate with SeldomVisitor about whether the Treo has been selling well in the UK. This is what Colligan has to say on the subject:

    'But demand for Treo smart phones, in the UK at least, has been limited by PalmOne's decision to sell the phone only through Orange, and by supply problems. "It's a good problem to have," Mr Colligan says. "We had a higher level of demand than we expected and were unable to supply Orange with everything they needed. With the Treo 650 we are ramping up production capabilities, and we don't believe we will see similar problems."'

    Seems sort of like they couldn't meet the demand from Orange, but doesn't the phrase "were unable to supply Orange with everything they needed" seem a little ambiguous? Why not "were unable to supply Orange with the Treos that they needed"?

    This is interesting too:

    'PalmOne plans to make the new phone available to a wider range of networks across Europe. "The big opportunity is to [sign up] another major network group, rather than individual carriers," Mr Colligan says.'

    Anyone understand the difference between a 'major network group' and an 'individual carrier' in this context? There are four major suppliers of mobile phone services in the UK: Orange, Vodafone, O2 and T-Mobile. If these aren't major network groups I don't really know what are, and in that case who are the individual carriers? 3? Seems to me there is lot of stuff going on behind the scenes that might explain some of the ambiguities - or perhaps I just don't speak American very well Anyone care to help?

    Anyway, here's the sweepstake. Number of European carriers (/major network groups!) selling Treos next year, say March:

    0, 1, 2, 3, >3?
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    "Major network group" is probably referring to an operator with a presence in a number of countries and the organizational structure to cut a deal with a handset supplier for multiple subsidiaries. Just like HandSpring signed a deal with Orange for UK, France and CH (and not just UK), palmOne wants to sign a second one of those, for example Vodafone for UK, Italy, Germany, France and Spain (to name just the largest of their operations).
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    I don't like this...

    "On a recent visit to London, he demonstrated the latest Palm-powered phone, the Treo 650, which features a better screen, keyboard, Bluetooth connections and better synchronisation with computers running Windows."
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    I hope someone in the UK sells it cos my 600 is starting to play up battery wise, it drains to empty in about 2 seconds flat after being fine for about 9/10 hours...I'm not sure at this rate it will last beyond next month...agggghhhh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by murrayalex
    I hope someone in the UK sells it cos my 600 is starting to play up battery wise, it drains to empty in about 2 seconds flat after being fine for about 9/10 hours...I'm not sure at this rate it will last beyond next month...agggghhhh.
    Sorry to hear that

    However read #3 at
    to find out how you might get it repaired

    Thought of the day :
    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway
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    thanks Chas...problem seems to have stopped thankfully the last 2 days but I've no idea what it could be..don't think it's the battery anymore.Anyway, horrible dilemna arose whilst it was not working as I was thinking what can I get similar to the treo 600 to keep me going until the 650 comes out..and there's nothing on the market in the UK comparable. I really don't fancy a pocket pc device as they're all too big and I prefer the palm os anyway as it seems far easier to use.
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