One nice thing about the UK is that you can get a Treo for free with an Orange contract. One of the crappy things is that there is no way you can use GPRS without bankrupting yourself, thanks to the expensive per-megabyte price plans. And Vodafone etc. are no better.

Is there reason to expect anything better from easyMobile ( For those who don't know, easyMobile is an upcoming discount carrier by the same folks who brought us easyJet, easyInternet, easyCar -- all services that achieved success through innovative pricing strategies in establish markets. easyMobile won't offer phones. You have to bring your own handset, e.g., a Treo 600 from an expired Orange contract.

easyMobile is very candid about intending to follow in the example of the Danish carrier Telomore, bringing their business model and (I presume) their pricing structure into the UK market. Can any Danish readers shed light on this? Does Telomar offer cheap flat-rate GPRS?

I'm coming to the end of my Orange contract, and it occurs to me that a Treo 600 with cheap GPRS rates would be worth a lot more to me than a spanky new Treo 650 that was yoked to prohibitive Orange GPRS rates.