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    I'm trying to use my Treo as a GPRS modem by connecting my laptop (running linux) to the Treo using the "tethered" mode. So far I can communicate with the modem, but I can't get it to connect to Orange. *99# appears to be the correct number to dial, but there must be some other strings to send to the modem in order to get handshaking working properly. Anyone know them?

    So far I've seen about 4 or 5 variations on AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","orangeinternet", with varying settings for CGDCONT and different strings instead of "orangeinternet". The phone itself claims to be using "orangeinternet", so that at least should be right.

    Any help?
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    I can't help here, but I'm looking for exactly the same information. I need a wireless modem for travelling and Orange's rates seem to currently be the best in the UK so if anyone can answer these questions that'll likely be another Treo600 sold.

    If I can't get this information, then I'll likely just get Orange's 3G card for my laptop, but the Treo might be useful in other ways.

    If the original poster has cracked it yet, please post how.

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    Head over to Massimo Valle's web site ( and get his GPRS Script Generator app (GSG). This should give you settings for the modem for many carriers (BTW, this is a Mac app...).
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    I've had a look at this application but I also use a Linux system. I suppose I could open the application in a hex editor and scan for likely looking strings, but that's no guarentee and I'd first have to find a way of unpacking a Stuffit (.sit) archive without a Mac.

    Does anyone else have this information. I'm really reluctant to buy the Treo until I know that at least someone has managed to get it working with Orange UK in teathered mode. If the original poster has managed, can he/she please post the details here to share them with us?

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    OK this is my first post... so play nice.
    After trawling this and other forums, I couldn't find any simple explanation on how to get this working. Any way after many hours playing working hard, I've got it cracked. So

    I've broken ranks with the rest of the lurkers and am going to share the answer here:

    1) Purchase a serial hotsync cable.
    I got mine here for 14.

    2) Connect your PC to your Treo using the serial cable, test this by hotsyncing, if you get an error something like "port is not available" you are probably already using the port for something else (modem, activesync [PPC] etc.)

    3) Place your Treo in tethered mode. You can dial #*83843733 on the handset, but I prefer to use this free download (offered by Mallum in another thread on this forum) as you don't keep having to soft reset.
    BTW: I have found both methods to be very unstable when treo is not connected to a serial port.

    4) Install a new modem "control panel> printers and other hardware> phone and modem options> modems> add" select "pick from a list"> "next" then select "Standard 33600" > "next" (56k modems use different AT commands so don't pick that!) then select your com port > "finish".
    Now select the modem you have just installed and click "properties" then "modem" and set the max speed to "115200" (this is important it will only work at this speed!!!). At this point you can try the "Query Modem" button on the "Diagnostics" tab you should get back a list of commands and responses.
    Warning do *NOT* put anything in the "Extra Initialization commands" box. I have seen advice to put commands like: AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","orangeinternet" in here. Don't this could overwrite the connection settings on your phone!!!!

    5) Now create a new network connection. Navigate to "Network Connections" (easiest way is to just right click "my network places" and select "properties"). Click "Create a new connection" > "next" > select "Connect to the Internet" > "next" > "Set-up my connection manually" > "next" > "Connect using a dial-up modem" > "next" > type in any name you like e.g. "Orange Treo" > "next" > in phone number type "*99***1#" > "next" where 1 refers to the CID of the connection profile you want to use (the default setting on my orange phone was 1 - all your connection profiles are listed under "Prefs">"Network" on your Treo, no CID displayed though I'm guessing top is 1???). Moving on... leave all password and user name fields blank. Leave "use this u/name and p/w" checked, uncheck "make this my default connection" > "next" > tick "add a shortcut to my desktop" if you want one > "finish". If the dialler window pops up close it by clicking "cancel".
    Now... right click on your newly created connection and select "properties". click "configure" and check that the "maximum speed" is "115200". Also, ensure "Enable hardware flow control" is ticked, you can also tick "Enable modem error control" and "Enable modem compression" but it will work without these last two. > "OK". On the general tab "use dialling rules" should be un-checked. Options tab "Display Progress" Checked, "Prompt for user name and PW" un-checked, "Include windows logon domain" un-checked, "prompt for phone no" un-cecked. Security tab select "Typical" and "Allow unsecured password" and nothing else. Networking tab "type of dial-up server" is "PPP", click "settings" check all three boxes" > "OK" (note: do not switch off TCP/IP header compression, as some US networks require) > "OK" to close.

    6) Now double click on your connection icon to dial.

    Hope this is of use to some of you.


    Apologies for my bad English, but it's gone 12:30 and I need to be up for work at 6:30.

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