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    Has anyone had any success in getting GPRS to work with Meteor in Ireland?

    I've tried to manually configure. I get a GPRS connection, but never pass data. Talking with Meteor tech support, they are not willing to help as their official position is that they only support their phones for GPRS.

    This is a major PITA since my German 02-de card and Italian Vodafone/Omnitel card will get GPRS there, but is obviously more expensive. (Next time I just spring the extra bucks for the $Vodafone SIM in Ireland)

    However, that all being said, I can't believe it can't be done, and Meteor does have the lowest tariffs that I can find.

    Please PM me if you have any information on this.
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    I never quite got Vodaphone GPRS to work in Ireland either. (Voice and SMS were fine) People have reported more success with O2 however.
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    Both Vodafone (Italy/Omnitel) and O2-de cards worked in Ireland, however, I don't even want to think what they were charging me for roaming GPRS.

    I played with it some more yesterday while in Limerick, but still the same, it connects, but no data passed. I do get an IP address and DNS server information, but using the IP address for their proxy ( and port 9201, no luck.

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