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    I'm using a prepaid SIM with O2 Ireland. I found the Treo great for auto-checking my O2 mail account via GPRS. I was having a problem getting MMS to work tho so contacted O2 and they said it wasn't enabled on my account so they enabled that. This reset my GPRS connectivity to nil for a day or two and when I started receiving a GPRS signal again..NEITHER worked properly.

    I can connect to GPRS via MMS but cannot send MMS messages (i no longer care!). but despite having all the exact same settings that had been working for me before I can no longer even connect to GPRS internet/mail services. have tried piggy-backing it on the MMS connection, but no-go!

    has anyone anywhere had this problem?
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    You should have two internet services... one for Media (MMS), one for regular internet GPRS.
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    turned out after 4 calls to O2 to convince them they had me setup on the wrong datasoc that i was right. they set me up for WAP and MMS and conveniently disabled my open internet. adding to their confusion was the fact that they'd no record of my having open internet, despite my using it for the last year. tis all fixed now :-)

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