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    Hi All,

    I'm currently with Verizon here in California. Ready to change phone and looking for a worldwide solution (If there is one...).
    I want the Treo 600 but what's the best deal, best coverage, best provider to get this thing to work in the US, Europe and Japan? I think it won't work in Japan but not sure.
    Thanks all for your help.
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    There is no US phone that will work in Japan, and vice versa. Same with South Korea.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Donald Nguyen
    There is no US phone that will work in ...South Korea.
    You are right about Japan but I imagine that someone with some MAJOR skills would be able to get a CDMA handset work on 850 mHz in South Korea. Of course, one would have to reprogram it. I know that some importers modify S. Korean handsets to work with CDMA 850 carriers, Verizon mostly
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