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    I have unlocked my Orange Treo 600. However, now that i have NONE of the integrated software works when using GPRS. I have made a new GPRS connection for my new provider and this will connect OK. But the web software/email software will not now work even though the connection is still live. I also created a new MMS connection and this too will not work. When i send an MMS the Treo indicates unable to find GPRS carrier.

    If i connect to the web or email using a GSM connection, everything works fine. If i re-install my Orange SIM card, everything works fine..including GPRS email and web..

    I have tried SIM cards from O2, Vodafone, Virgin and all do the same. I have obtained the correct connection settings, both from the Web and from the suppliers themselves.

    Has anyone else unlocked an Orange Treo 600 and been able to connect with GPRS? And used MMS??
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    Go to and post your message there (Europe).
    You can also look at their FAQ. Excellent ones !

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