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    Also be aware Google locations services (maps) will not work in Australia (or southern hemisphere, known bug)
    and this may also stop GPS from working.

    you can still search on maps, just cant locate yourself.

    my location and mapping works ok When I go to Thailand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mutoidi View Post
    Hi Ben,

    I recall that discussion here and haven't experienced that glitch personally yet.. although for the last few months I have actually been running a Telstra data-only SIM in the Pre3 anyway - and it has been fine.
    A friend runs 'Amaysim' in their Pre3, also on 2.2.4 and that certainly has had no such probs ~ so far.
    It was thought to be a Pre3 modem issue wasn't it?


    Interesting, I assume you bought your sim just a few months ago then? Prepaid?

    Maybe there's something about older sims, might get Telstra to swap my sim, which is only a couple of years old.

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