This has got me flummoxed, so I wonder if anyone can help, or has had a similar problem.

My 270 worked well for over a year (since the last replacement) until one day - pop - the hinge broke. It's still under EU 2-year warranty, so the replacement outfit in Belgium gave me a swap (after I had to wait weeks because they "didn't have any in stock.") The new unit had a bunch of problems, I had to do numerous radio resets and it wouldn't connect with my provider O2 Germany, which works on the 1800 band. (O2 has some coverage holes, so it hands off to T-Mobile on 900 when there's no O2 available.)

I swapped again and the new unit wouldn't go on O2 at all - didn't even find it when I went to "Change Network." I suspected I had gotten a North American model with 950/1900 instead of a European one with 900/1800, despite the serial number being for a European one. So they kindly swapped me again - same problem. O2 sent me a new SIM card but that didn't solve the problem either. Now I've just done one more swap and went through the whole GPRS upgrade - still no O2. Now I suppose I could live with this, except that the various price breaks offered by O2 are unavailable when you're roaming on T-Mobile, so it makes my whole cell phone experience more expensive. And on a trip to the Frankfurt area where I knew there must be maximum coverage by both providers, it wouldn't connect at all.

The lady in Belgium is now getting a bit testy. I think I've had my last free swap - and the warranty is now over. I could live with this, I guess. Maybe change my provider. But is there any way to fix this, or at least test the thing to see if the radio is functioning properly? I suppose I could buy a pre-paid card from another 1800-band provider, but it seems like a waste of money. I tried to get O2 to test it, but they only have sales shops now and a call centre, no on-ground maintenance. And they tend to freak out when I tell them what kind of "handy" I'm using.

Any ideas?

Please forgive me for cross-posting in the "Treo 270" section.