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    has anyone else had this problem ? treo appears to have a 90% full battery then without warning goes down to about 40% 30 secs later and shuts itself off. So I recharge it and it creeps up very slowly to about 70% then all of a sudden jumps to full. Why is is shutting itself off with a low battery warning when it's saying 40% full ?? And why the sudden fall to 40% ? This happens once a month.
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    Nope, not had that problem. That's a new one on me. I'd try and wangle a new one from Orange through Orange Care (assuming you're with Orange and have the insurance of course)..... Strange that it happens once a month though. You could try to discharge the battery completely and then charge it back up to full few times; although I don't think the Treo battery suffers from the memory effect?
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