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    Story so far;

    My treo stopped working on Thursday am.
    My sim doesn't work in other phones - other sims do work in mine.

    Customer service couldn't send out a SIM as network support have to aurthorise it. They have to get involved as it might not be the sim (allegedly)

    Customer service promise to call me sat/sun

    I called back today. Network support had more questions that they'd sent through on Sat - needless to say noone called me.

    Customer service still can't send a new sim - I should just sit and wait for a few days.

    How long do you think it's reasonable to keep a customer waiting without phone service?

    My plan is to transfer over to virgin and stop paying orange. i figure if they can't give me service - my contract is null & void. I'm sure they're going to cause problems about transferring my number though. Any suggestions?
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    Go into one of the shops and kick up a fuss until they do something. If you're there in front of them refusing to leave until they sort something they sometimes yield. I had a friend with an SPV problem he rang OUK and they were useless. Went into the shop complaining about the how bad his phone was how unhelpful orange were this scared away a few customers and suddenly the manager works out he can give him a new SPV straight away.
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    I eventually spent an hour on the phone to a rep convinving them to give me a SIM card. They wouldn't send me a new one to replace my fired one (it might not have been the sim) so I told them I'd lost it.
    - I asaid it had just dropped between the floorboards.
    He didn't believe me (obviously i WAS lying)
    Eventually I got him to call the damaged/replacment guys.
    They wanted a police case number for my reported loss
    I 'found' it again - but in my frustration 'snapped it between forefinger and thumb'
    This was malicious damage - so now they could replace it.
    They spent a long time trying to tell me it would be on the insurnace - so I would pay an insurance admin fee.
    I said that would be insurance fraud
    They said it had to be reported (hence admin fee) but i would have to pay anyway for the re[placement
    Eventually I was transferred to the replacement chap who just charged me the 17.5 for the sim (no insurance fee) and a new one arrived this morning.
    It should be active in an hour or two - after which I'll be calling up to get my fee refunded (oh - perhaps it was the sim after all!)

    I'm thoroughly unimpressed!
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    Another happy Orange customer. I surprised any of us deal with them, if only someone else gave away cheap Treos in the UK.

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