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    I've seen scattered mentions of this on a few threads, and was hoping someone out there could offer a definitive judgment. Is it true that the new official firmware update for the Treo 600 GSM basically breaks the device's speakerphone?

    A number of treoistas here have said the firmware upgrade reduced the microphone's sensitivity to "solve" a problem with a buzzing sound, but that it reduced it so much that they can no longer use handsfree mode.

    This seems like destroying the village in order to save it. But everyone seems strangely blase about this effect, which confuses me, because I would be pissed as hell, and wouldn't feel that voice recording and faster GPRS made up for it. So I want to make sure I'm understanding things right -- does it actually make handsfree mode unusable?


    P.S. FWIW, I'm thinking specifically of the firmware relased for Orange UK, or the generic one for "other carriers".
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    I used the 'other carriers' fw upgrade for awhile and can definitely say that handsfree still worked.

    I have now 'upgraded' to the official T-Mo fw version, and, again, handsfree works just fine.

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