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    I am eager to own a treo 600, but I wonder that if there is a service provider in Asia? Or does the AT&T or other service providers have business in Asia?
    I live in Beijing, China.
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    don't you have the ChinaMobile in China?

    Are you looking for a store to buy in China?
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    We do have the ChinaMobile.
    But I heard that China have not imported tero 600 yet.
    Does it mean I can't use tero 600 in my city?
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    selling a Treo600 in China vs Using a treo600 in China are 2 different things.

    You can purchase an unlocked version of treo600 from website and use the sim card in China.

    i assume your original question was "where can I buy a treo600 in Beijing, China?", right?
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    I was just in beijing a few days ago and my treo worked fine. u need need to get either the mzone sim card or the gotone simcard. the shenzouxing does not have gprs. they even have wifi hotspot in beijing. they got voicemail(but messages r deleted in two days and u can get a live rep to answer your calls and then send u a text message.

    as far as a localized treo. hong kong is selling a chinese treo.

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