Last night I decided to take the plunge and upgrade my 2.08 firmware to enable voice memo recording and hopefully make my phone more stable. Because Orange UK had just released the firmware it seemed like a sensible idea to use the proper updater, which I considered may be helpful in getting rid of problems with GPRS for me. How wrong I was.

After a few normal upgrade hiccups (two copies of Phone.prc on my phone causing enabling the wireless to reset the phone. DOH!) I realised that my Network preferences were now doing exactly what I didn't want them to do.

I can no longer delete the default Orange Internet APN settings of ORANGEINTERNET, but I can modify it to ORANGEWAP. ORANGEWAP means I can surf the internet using my Open Access plan and not get charged the earth (10 per megabyte, I ask you). However when I turn off wireless and turn it back on again the Orange Internet setting duplicates itself meaning there are two Orange Internet Services in the drop down menu. One with the setting I want and the other with the premium price plan connection. This means that when I connect first thing in the morning it is going to use the most expensive connection. Of this I'm sure.

There is a way to solve this I'm sure. One method would be to use the 2.12 INT firmware supplied by Palmone, but any attempt to use this brings up the error message of the phone having newer firmware, and the phone restarts itself. Does anybody know a way to get the phone to earlier firmware?

Perhaps another method would be to delete some file using "Filez" or another explorer app for the phone, but I'm at a loss to know which ones would do the do. Anybody have any ideas?

I hope someone can help, because I do like my Treo. It's just a bit of a love/hate relationship.