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    Can anyone help with this?

    I slightly reluctant to update the firmware since I'm currently able to do pretty much everything through the orangewap APN (all included in my 4 a month Open Access), even though Orange insist that this isn't possible. (The only thing I've never been able to get working properly is Verichat or Chatter).

    My concern is that I might lose this functionality if I upgrade and therefore be forced to use the orangeinternet APN. Meaning I have to pay more for the access.

    Can anyone confirm that this all still works after the update?

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    I unfortunately can't help with anything but i'm curious as to what this orangewap apn is?

    I've seen a few things mentioned of it and as i've just started with my treo a couple of weeks ago I would like to get as much data useage out of it as possible.

    I'm paying 4 a month for the 3mb orange world access. Would that cover the orangewap access and if so how would I go about setting up the treo to use it.

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    orangewap is the name of the connection I use (in Prefs -> Network). You may be using orangeinternet? It doesn't really do anything different, in fact I think it may be slightly worse (eg. I can't get the instant messaging programs to work).

    Everyone I've ever spoken to at Orange swears that you can't get 'proper' (ie. non-WAP) web pages through this connection but it's always worked for me.

    Open Access was the old WAP plan which Orange offered, which was basically 4 a month for 10MB. They pulled this fairly shortly after the Treo 600 launched (and about 2 weeks after I signed up for it!). Then they offered the 'new improved' Orange World, which would basicaly have meant losing 70% of my data allowance to get a few free texts. No Thanks! If I use the orangeinternet APN I get charged by the MB for my data as it isn't covered by my Open Access plan.
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    I tried setting up a new apn but got an error that some settings were missing, I have gone through the upgrade so whether its due to that or something else i'm not sure but all the other settings i have for orangeinterent seemed to be the same for orangewap.
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    As I mentioned in my thread, ORANGEINTERNET sets itself up everytime you turn on wireless even if you have changed the setting yourself. This means that I have two "Orange Internet" settings in my phone now, and everytime I change the newly created one to ORANGEWAP" it makes ANOTHER new one. Great eh?

    I recommend holding off until I can find a solution to this, or use the Worldwide GSM update instead. After installing the Orange 2.12 firmware it won't let you install the other one because it claims the Orange firmware is newer. Go figure.
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    I am using a French Orange Treo 600 in Italy with a local SIM card and I have made all the settings right. Before firmware update, all accesses were fine : email, avantgo, internet....Now that I have updated with 2.12 firmware only email and avantgo are OK, but I canno't access internet anymore.
    If I put back the Orange SIM Card, then internet is working again...
    Can you explain ?

    Kateben Roma

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