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    I have a Treo 600 with Snappermail set to download my e-mails automatically every 2 hours. My service is with AT&T. I will be in the UK next week. Will I be able to receive my e-mails using my AT&T SIM card? If so do I have to change any seetings.

    I also carry a Virgin pay-as-you-go UK SIM card. Can I get my e-mails using that card and would it be cheaper? Virgin does not have a GPRS service but since what I know about GPRS can be written in large letters on the back of a stamp, I don't know if that is important.

    If anyone would be kind enough to educate me I would be very grateful.

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    You can roam on gprs with your AT&T sim card - but the cost is high - you will burn through twenty dollars in a few minutes. Your Virgin card does not have gprs - you can buy a uk T-Mobile or an Orange 2 card that does, but the cost is about as bad, considering the exchange rate. I used a T-Mobile UK sim for gprs last month in London, because that way I wouldn't inadvertently go over what I had in the card. For calls back to the states I used my US sim, because again with the exchange rate, that was cheaper. Read other threads about a call-back service to turn international calls into local calls.
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    Thanks for the info. I understand that snappermail will search automatically for my e-mails using the AT&T SIM roaming but that it will be expensive.

    I already use a call-back system for calls which is one of the reasons I bought the Virgin UK pay-as-you-go card last time over.

    If you are an AT&T customer are you aware of thier two International dialing plans?
    Plan 1 for $3.99 per month my diialing rates from US to Europe are less than my land line.
    Plan 2 for $5.99 per month you get a flate $0.99 per minute for all international roaming calls while outside the US. This plan is called Discounted International Roaming and can be started/stopped at any time. I activate it before I leave and drop it on my return.

    Thanks again for the help.

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