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    I taking a trip to Tegucigalpa Honduras in a couple weeks and I'd like to be able to use my Treo while I'm there if possible. I called T-Mobile (my wireless carrier here in the US) the other day to ask them what my options were and they let me know that the Treo would not work in Honduras. I believe that really means that T-Mobile doesnít have an agreement with any of the GSM carriers in Honduras.

    I searched the web and found out that, per this GSM World web site, there are at least 2 carriers in Honduras. Unfortunately, when I drill into the web sites, they are (as you would expect) in Spanish.

    Iím hoping to find a way that I can either buy a temporary GSM SIM or otherwise use my Treo while I am there.

    Any help or direction would be appreciated.
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    I have used my unlocked treo in Nicaragua, you need to buy a prepaid card from the local gsm cell phone company because there is probably no roaming agreement between tmobile and honduran gsm company as this is the case in Nicaragua.

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