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    Hi...I am living in South Africa and cannot get any info as to how to set up my Treo 600 to connect to the internet using Vodacom as my cell phone provider. They gave me the settings for the IPAQ for GPRS, but this doesn't work on mine. Anyone have any idea what the settings should be? thanks!
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    Hi Timmo

    It's actually very easy to get the Treo 600 to access the internet with the Vodacom network. Unfortunately the information is not readily available. Here's what you have to do:
    Go to Preferences/Network.
    Select GPRS
    Leave "user name" blank
    Leave "Password" blank
    In the APN textbox enter "internet" (without quotes)
    Click on "Connect"
    Your internet access will now be enabled.

    By the way has anyone figured out how to get MMS to work with the Treo 600 on the Vodacom network? I've tried the settings I've picked up from other news groups but nothing seems to work.

    -- FriendlyMichael
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    Here are scans of the documents that came with my Treo 600, full details on how to set up Vodacom GPRS and MMS on Treo 600.

    Vodacom GPRS Settings

    Vodacom MMS Settings

    These are 300dpi tif files, you can print them with microsoft imaging or any other tif viewer app. Excellent FREE tiff plug in for web browsers available at Alternatiff
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    Thanks for the info AlleyKat. The MMS on my Treo is now fully functional
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    Hi guys,

    Thank you for the postings. its quite a help if you are roaming in europe and you cant get your GPRS & MMs to work.

    Problem is, I printed the guidelines as AlleyCat stated but I still get an error that "Error: Incomplete setup. Check your network settings"

    Dont you need to enter the DNS as well ?
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    Ha Ha, just sorted my own problem out. In future delete a file called blazer and your settings will work.

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