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    Most of the dealers listed on the PalmOne site say they don't even carry the Treo 600, let along the car kit (!)

    Does any Australian know where to buy one in Australia?

    Does anyone else know of a reputable e-store that sells them and could ship internationally?
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    I bought mine from

    I Think it was approx $315 (AUD). They have online shopping.
    The kit itself works ok, but is very big & cumbersome. It's very difficult to mount securely, as the sticky pad can't support the weight of the thing, and the mounting brackets are quite small.
    There's an Update required from Palmone to A) make it work at all, & B) Stop the electronic feedback; the same as you get when your phone gets too close to a TV, etc.
    A cheaper solution would be to use a standard cordless phone headset, but that might not suit what you want to do.

    Good Luck!
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    is the sound quality better than just using the builtin speaker phone?
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    Current Gadgets:- Treo 600, Tungsten W, IPAQ 2210
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    Yes it's a little better.
    The bad thing, is that when the phone rings, the ring sound doesn't go thru the Car kit speaker. This makes it hard to hear initially, but when you answer the call, it then sends the sound via the carkits speaker.
    Overall, for over $300 Aussie, I'm not that impressed. It's a big, cumbersome chunk of plastic, that looks like it cost $30 to make.
    If I had my time over again, I'd just use a handsfree, & leave the phone in the dask console.
    You might want to get other opinions, though.

    Good Luck!
    Current Gadgets:- Treo 600, Tungsten W, IPAQ 2210

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