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    My 600 works fine so I don't want to update unless I'm sure its only going to make a good thing better.
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    I'm in the same situation so if anyone has tried this I'd like to know how it goes. Especially if this unlocks the phone as I've heard it will.
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    I have an Orange T600 that I am running on T-Mobile in the US. I'm trying to decide between using the unbranded 3.04 updater or waiting for T-Mobiles update when it's posted on PalmOne's website.
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    Plenty of Orange UK and France users that are using the unbranded version over at
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    I tried the updater this weekend with no joy...I got it on to my treo no problems but when I tried to run it on the treo as per the intructions it crashed half way through. It wiped out all my software so i had to go back and reinstall that stuff. I'll have another bash later...
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    nop...even worse had to do a hard reset..thank god for backup man !! I tried to reinstall it on a clean treo and still no is everyone else getting on ??
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    I'm on Orange and have installed the update. Worked great, here's the improvements so far:

    Crisper display with deeper colors
    Camera much improved (no blue dots!)
    Speeder switching between Wireless modes
    Slighty quicker making GPRS connections
    Movies with sound!

    Was scared to do it, but am having no problems at all!
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    Murray, what version are you trying to install? if it is the GSM INT version you need to read the instructions over at
    There are loads of threads on this subject and you just have to read a wee bit to get the gist. Otherwise look in the download section/firmware/and you will find the prc file and instructions in there for every version of the latest upgade including the Orange UK and GSM ROW INT... happy reading. You may need to use tokenwriter.prc to change the crnm, but instructions are available.
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    scudder, thanks for this tip. Will try it out again using mytreo.
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    scudder, managed to download and install the orange updater and it is showing up as the updated firmware on the phone info. Unfortunately the phone won't work now, it starts off the network search and soft resets itself after a few seconds - any ideas ?

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