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    So all it takes to "unlock" a treo 600 is the firmware upgrade? If that's so, will an unlocked black version treo (Sprint PCS in the US) work with all GSM providers? (from what i understand, sprint's network is different somehow?) If it does work with all providers, is that limited to the US or will the *unlocked* version work with all GSM providers worldwide?

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    SPrint is CDMA, and is not compatible with GSM networks (and vice versa). If you really want a black Treo, then you want to be on Sprint. If you want an unlocked Treo GSM, look for a Cingular version (usually unlocked out of the box), of get one of the other GSM versions and seek out the unlocking patches posted around here.
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    or you can get one from Orange, theirs are black too
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    Apologies to my worldwide colleagues--I did not know that there was a black GSM version available (wish I had it here across the pond...).
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    Don't forget the "INT" version (silver) t600. I have one which is unlocked and unbranded--works with every SIM (T-mo and Cingular) I've tried, with no issues at all.
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    thanks guys! I was just curious about the Sprint Treos since they sell for much less on eBay. I prefer silver anyway =) ... thanks again!

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