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    I need to travel to Indonesia and wonder if anybody can provide some tips if any of the local GSM provider sell any prepaid card that allows GPRS connection. Thanks.
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    Iam in Australia and I go often accross to Indonesia. My service provider roams to that Country as does the GPRS, so I never needed to check out a pre-paid GPRS card. I do not think you can buy a pre-paid GPRS card anyhow there. Only the normal pre-paid. Check if your phone carrier roams into Indonesia...! Othwwise you will need to sign up a carrier while there, if it's worth it.
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    You will have a choice of prepaid cards that provides GPRS. The most reliable is IM3. But it's effectively restricted to Jakarta. For the widest coverage choose Simpati. However, in my experience the connection is intermittent.
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    I don't think any of the prepaid cards allow GPRS, at lesat that is what I was told.
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    It is extremely fast in Surabaya, all the way to and including Malang. In Bali it was mostly in teh Denpasar area, but still pretty good there.

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