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    Well, I'm now on my 4th Treo 600 from Orange in a year. The first 3 were the "buzzing problem" all after about 3 months, but the latest just suddenly stopping ringing, playing any tones or making any noise when someone was talking to me on it - on speaker-phone, internal speaker and head-set. Very odd!

    Anyway, Orange replaced it immediately, without question, total turnround time 14 hours from first call to receipt of new phone.
    Things move on...I'm now on my 5th Treo 600 from Orange - three having developed the 'internal speaker not working' fault, and one having the 'buzzing speaker' fault.

    I've now dumped Orange and got a Vodafone SIM, the best upgrade I've done to the Treo If it goes wrong again I'll give up. I'm very tempted with the Treo 650 but absolutely will not be buying it if only available on Orange. Never again.
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    Orange probably feel the same way, hence no news of the Treo 650. I guess they will make some private tests of the 650 before considering offering it for sale. I suspect we will either never see it or a long time in the future.
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