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    I am headed to Tokyo, Japan in a couple weeks. Is there GSM there? Can I buy a prepaid SIM there? Is my Treo600 going to be anything more than a funky looking PDA there? What do travelers do for cell phone service there? Thanks!

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    I'm sure someone will have a good answer, but this might help a little.

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    I've been to Japan a few times, and I've never ever been able to get a GSM signal. They have a proprietary network and phones that don't work anywhere else. They are starting to roll out 3G in some areas, but a GSM phone won't work on that unless it's a 3G phone.

    I've been able to use GSM phones fine in Europe, Taiwan, and China.
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    I can confirm... my Treo 600... funky looking PDA, but that's it. When I ask about GSM, they look at me like I'm crazy... so I'm going to assume that the above is true. Too bad.
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    Vodafone is Japan's GSM provider. I'm not sure about other networks, but Rogers Wireless in Canada has a roaming agreement with Vodafone Japan. Check with your local wireless provider for details.
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    No, neither your GSM treo nor any other standard GSM phone will work in Japan. Japan doesn't have any GSM networks.

    However, they do have WCDMA (a 3G standard related to GSM), and some WCDMA phones take standard SIM cards. If your carrier claims to roam in Japan, what they probably mean is that their SIM card can be used in one of these phones, which will then ring on your number. I am told that you can rent Nokia 6550 handsets at Narita, for an exhorbitant sum.

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