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    I work in London EC2 and live in N1 I got a Treo 600 from Orange and moved from O2 because Orange were the only supplier. I have had the phone for three weeks and during that period either GPRS has been down in the area or the phone has been incapable of connecting 50% plus of the time I am awake.

    Endless, pointless conversations have taken place with Orange employees who cannot admit that Orange cannot maintain a decent service in the area. Why did Orange make an arrangement with Palm/Handspring if they can't supply the service? Its a mystery.

    Am I the only inhabitant of central London who gets rubbish service from Orange making his Treo 600 useless?
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    I was in London for 4 days last week, mostly Notting Hill / Bayswater area and had no probs at all accessing GPRS - in fact it was far better than Edinburgh where I live !!! Sorry to hear of your probs
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    Also live and work in Central London, but don't find the reception as bad as 50% down. Worse than it should. What error do you get when you try to connect? Or do you not see the green arrows at all?
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    I've had problems connecting the last few days in and around London.

    I get the triangle, but when I connect, it times out with a message that GPRS is unavailable.

    Usually, it fails during rush hour.

    I also have a lot of trouble getting a signal in my house, even though my area is listed as having good coverage.

    I had Vodaphone for three years and never had a problem getting a signal anywhere in the country. I'm most likely going to switch back to them when my one year is up.
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    Thanks for your comments - I get the triangle but the logon sticks at the first or last screen. Today I tried intermittently through the day but it was not until 5.30pm I got a connection.

    I gather the Orange service is "contended" which means that they cut down on the bandwidth available for GPRS if there is a large volume of voice calls. O2 however reserve a certain amount of space for GPRS which cannot be reduced. (I could have the term the wrong way round but the effect is right.) I'm working out how to get back to O2.
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    When you say the logon sticks at the first screen what do you mean?
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    Sadly this thread has lost a couple of quite interesting pages in the great server disaster. The last response was from a GSM engineer explaining what he thought the problem was. It would be good if he could put his explanation back.

    I've now upgraded to 3.4 and I would say things are worse if anything!
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    Last week you could still use the Advanced Search of Google and their cached version of TC to access lost threads. Unfortunately this thread is now overwritten by the current version.
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    I've also had lots of trouble with Orange GPRS coverage. Part of the problem is that Orange's GPRS network sucks. Where I work in Bristol, the GPRS node only works about half the time; customer services were baffled by it not working elsewhere, though.

    The treo seems to get upset when GPRS breaks, and it has trouble reconnecting it when coverage comes back. Soft resets don't help, but cycling wireless mode off and on usually fixes it.
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    Hi Guy's,

    I am a Treo owner on Orange but I am also a GSM Engineer.

    Here is a quick stab at what is occurring.

    The Treo leaves a GPRS session open (Green arrows) whereas most other handsets will end the session when the Application using it is closed, or do so on a timed basis ala P900.

    This in itself does not cause a problem as the session is already set up when you wish to use(Note: this is different from merely being GPRS attached/black trangle), which will make it slightly more reliable if connection is used frequently.

    However, it seems to me that certain conditions can result in the handset not realising this is the condition it left the session in, particularly after reset.
    This has the effect of the handset believing it needs to set up another session, with a session already setup against the Access Point the SGSN denies the handset repeat service.

    When the handset is wireless off/on'd it clears the session correctly with the network - the off part would kick the SGSN entry for you to idle (standby=black triangle) which will then enable you to set up a session against this Access Point.

    Wireless off/on in case of problems works. The other option is disconnecting when you are done with a connection, the handset doesn't have the opportunity to leave the session open and "forget". I personally find the former easier and it will clear the majority of probs.

    if my memory serves me correctly
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    I had exactly the same problems but now use netselect a free programme from 79bmedia and disconnect (using alt+hardware 4) after every session. I can also connect to my ISP using netselect. Other problems do seem to be solved by the wireless off/on as well.

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