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    I was noticing that on several sites that there are Treo specific versions of various Palm applicatoins . Is it that software has to be specifically written for them or can Treos also use all of the standard Palm os 3.x to 4.x software ?

    I really need this info before I decide to get this or to get a PDA and phone seperate .

    EDIT: Oops , posted in wrong section , that's what you get for having several open windows .
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    The answer is....maybe.

    Every Palm device these days deviates from the Palm standard in some ways. Some devices more than others. Much software, especially fairly basic things, will work on any device. Some, especially more complicated software that uses more of the hardware's functionality, have code sections designed to work with specific devices. An example would be code to take advantage of the D-pad on the Treo, which is a non-standard input method.

    Some Treo specific apps are designed to take advantage of phone capabilities, some the D-pad, and some probably other features I'm not aware of. But many "generic" apps will run fine, too.

    Almost all Palm software has a demo version available, so if you're not sure of something, give it a try. But make a backup first, just in case.

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    Thanks .
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