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    Hello All,

    I am a new member to this forum, however, I have reading the various posts on the forum since I first purchased my Treo 270 from a friend 4 months ago. I have now taken the plunge and bought a Treo 600 connected to Orange (UK).

    I placed the order for my Treo 600 with on Monday and they delivered it this morning. They were selling the T600 for 34.99 connected to Orange (UK) YourPlan Anytime 300 (@ 30 pm), but I found the T600 for FREE with another online retailer. Since I was an existing customer and was happy with their customer service, I was able to get them to price-match the offer. My younger brother also placed the same order as me (on Orange OVP O2 200 @ 30 pm) and got his T600 this morning also.

    I am looking forward to exploring/playing with the phone this evening.

    I would be grateful for recommendations of the best and cheapest place to buy accessories and software for my T600 in the UK.

    I no doubt will need to call upon the vast experiance and knowledge of the members of this forum shortly.


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    I've bought several accessories from Dans_cellular_accessories on eBay. He's in the US but the prices are quite good and the shipping to the UK is reasonable, especially if you buy more than one item. is good for software, particularly because when I last checked they weren't charging VAT to European customers which a lot of the other sites do.

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    Thanks Mark,

    I'll give them a go.

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    try ebay for accessories, there are some UK based resellers now selling cheaper stuff. Dan's US based and I've bought from him before but he has sent me the wrong stuff which is a bit annoying. Also, try Expansys on the web, they have a UK site and although a bit more expensive are very very quick and reliable.
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    i just had two cradles, a spare charger and three styli delivered from last week. they are very quick (if the stuff is showing as in stock), but they are more expensive than some of the alternatives.
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    Has anyone else here applied a Firmware upgrade (Orange UK) ?
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    There are no official Orange upgrades yet and going by their service so far they aint up to it LOL
    If you use Firmware upgrade 2.09 you will get an upgrade but you will also lose all the Orange stuff pre-loaded on the unit i.e. the naff wallpaper. You will get the true Handspring logos as if it was an unlocked phone (the silver version).
    It will probably invalidate your warranty.
    But you can unlock your phone using the files and still have the Orange stuff but that does not give you the 2.09 upgrade.
    There is also a 2.08 upgrade but I cannot tell you what that does to the logos, etc... search the threads mister.
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    Originally posted by scudder

    But you can unlock your phone using the files and still have the Orange stuff but that does not give you the 2.09 upgrade.
    Unlocked phone as in removed the SIM lock? If so, would you be kind enough to let us have this file -- -- so that we could unlock the phone as well?

    Cheers mate!

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