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    Could someone explain to me how the Orange plans work?

    I guess it involves a montly fee but for how long and can you cancel it after a certain time or would you have to pay a cancellation fee?

    Reason im asking is my brother lives in the UK so if its possible to cancel the plan after a short period or buy yourself out of the contract i could let him sign up for a T600 with the lowest possible monthly fee.

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    Lowest monthly fee is 10 per month.

    You normally need 4 or 5 months before you can downgrade tariff.
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    Try :

    They do very good prices on the Treo with a new plan, and they would be the ones to advise how long the contract is.

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    or call 0500 802080

    Direct sales at Orange offer the best deals. The phone costs about 229 on the 15 monthly rate. This gives you 120 minutes anytime any network plus some GPRS/MMS and Text and you can buy add-ons to this plan for more stuff.
    Buy out after 4 months means paying the full price of you basic annual plan. They will also not unlock the phone unless you buy out the plan and this will take months as they are not willing to help! but you can get unlock stuff free in the Hardware thread if you search.
    Other option is Ebay but at the moment the prices are astronomical, i.e. 320 + (and no warranty)
    Happy shopping!
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    Thanks scudder, am i right it would cost me 229 + (15*12months) = 409?
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    Hi Andreas
    Those figures are correct enough. I guess your bro has to take on the contract for you, but he could always use the free minutes, etc.
    He would have to check out the contract details to find out when he would be eligible to buy out the plan. I kind of remember 4 months being the earliest.
    The unlocked model is about the same price (if you can find any in stock anywhere!), but you are getting a better deal with the ORange sim card to use in the UK if he wants it.
    Plus you get the sexy grey and black T600 :-)

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