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    Hi folks

    Can amyone tell me how to set up MMS for UK Orange. tried Orange customer services who sent a sim update then told me to read message turn off phone and remove battery for 10 seconds!!!!!!!
    then send myself a message.

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    Orange UK - GPRS and MMS setings all working + SD problems solved
    Cracked it !!!!
    Finaly working.................................

    Network settings

    For Internet Access

    Service = Orange Internet
    Username = leave blank
    Password = leave blank
    APN = orangeinternet

    For MMS Access

    Service = Orange MMS
    Username = leave blank
    Password = leave blank
    APN = orangemms

    Msgs/MMS software settings

    MMS Gateway Address =
    MMSC URL =
    alternate, both seem to work
    MMSC URL = http://orange.multimedia
    MMSC Port Number as = 9201

    I use Gopherking's ( service for sending/recieving emails from multiple accounts (20 a year) and they assure me adding UK sites is high on their priority.

    For Web access Blazer through GPRS for

    and of course a call to Orange MMS service (07973100451 (option 2)) to make sure data is enabled on account. It also appears to take a few days for it to activate which may have been my problem. (Expecting Orange to activate the account straight away (my impatience!)
    Hope this helps.
    PS They don't seem to understand the term Treo 600 but mention Handspring and their little eyes light up !!!!

    This is all using my 2 year old Orange SIM.

    The phone is also unlocked and on version 2.09 FW. Inspite of Orange customer service being pretty poor IMHO they have the best network coverage and so, although the phone is unlocked I will stay with Orange. Technically the best maintained network for receiving all services on a 'pay as you go' basis, and presumably monthly tariffs have the same levels.

    PS I use Panasonic SD cards. All the rest have caused me major problems when backingup (BackupMan) and restoring software. I'm led to believe it's something to do with the voltage and speed characteristics of cheaper cards that make them less reliable. Have tried Sandisk, PNY and Lexar with little or no success. Panasonic, no problems (yet) and I keep testing it.
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    I recently bought a Motorola E365, the GPRS and Wap isnt working and I cant send picture messages.

    I phoned orange to activate the picture messaging, I checked all my things with the guy on the phone, all the settings and stuff and they said they would send me out a Sim Update.... that was 3:30pm yesterday... its nowabout 20 hours later without no sim update. What gives?

    do I wait a few days, or phone them back this afternoon after 3:30, thats a full 24 hours.

    I'm using about a Year old Orange Sim card... would that have anything to do with it?

    thanks in advance.

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    Hi Dom. Bloody irritating people at Orange, their service training must be abysmal. You have to keep at them for the SIM update to be sent, but most importantly is speaking to the WAP/GPRS desk to get your account activated and hoping that you get someone who knows what they are doing (most appear to be on YTS or NewStart). It takes a few days but once activated its' sound. You must have a maximum signal on your phone for GPRS to work. Anything less and it won't work. Let me know if I can help with settings.
    PS I use email for sending pictures, advice I gained from this BB. It is much more robust. MMS is about as user friendly as a cornered rat at the moment and expensive.
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    hehe. Cheers matey. The fella who I got through to yesterday seemed to know what he was on about and said to me like twice 'I've sent it to you now' but looks like I'll have to phone them up again later

    How do I activate the GPRS mate? 'coz the fella yesterday went through ALL of the Wap and GPRS settings with me on the phone to see if they were correct, I ended up making some changes - does that sound right?

    But the amount of time for the Sim Update! they're havin' a laugh!.

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    Have to wait and see whether it all kicks in. Good luck!
    I am outrageously happy in my stupidity - Snoopy Poster (circa 1970)

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