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    After several telephone conversations with technical support (all of whom advised me that there were 'problems' with the email txt alert system) . . I eventually got them to admit that they had withdrawn their full txt alert system as of early December 2003.

    You will now only get txt alerts for emails addresses specifically to . . formerly ALL emails (including forwarded and bounced) were txt messaged.

    They seem to have a filter on their server which looks for '' in the "to : -" field of the email. Copied emails retain their original 'to : -' field.

    My isp allows me to copy all my work emails to anywhere I like. I tell it to copy them all to and they arrive there ok but no txt alerts! Do any of you experts know how I can trick the Orange server into thinking my copied/forwarded emails are addressed to

    I was going to complain to Orange but something tells me I will be wasting my time.
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    Orange has been crippling the service since october or so, and now it seems to be gone almost for good (I say almost, because I got a message through it yesterday).

    *SIGH* Sometimes I think orange just doesnt care enough.
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    Loo.. typical. As soon as I posted, my e-mail alert started working again!

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