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    apologies if this has already been covered but appreciate help:

    recently moved to uk from us with a gsm treo 270, which i have been able to get to work fine with voda (my company's carrier).

    i desperately want to upgrade to the new 600 and - having read lots of (conflicting) posts on the board - am still not sure of the following:

    - if i buy an orange 600, is there an unlock code to make it work for voda?
    - if i buy one from the u.s., is there an unlock code? also, which u.s. model can i buy (obviously not a cdma version, but are there any gsm versions that i could use here?)

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    Hi, im in a similar situation and according to Palmone sales the T600 Cingular version is unlocked and can be used with other sim cards.

    Unfourtunately the Cingular upgrade discount has expired so im waiting to see if the next upgrade offer will be with a unlocked phone.

    So if you dont want to wait you could get the Cingular version at the normal price.
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    got it - yeah, wish i had gotten the cingular in time.

    still unclear about whether or not the orange 600 can be unlocked - i keep reading posts that say 'yes' and 'no' on this.

    if anybody can confirm they have done this, please reply with 1) how to do it and 2) what carrier they are using.

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    I have 3 unlocked Treo 600s that I use with Voda, O2 and T-mobile.

    You just pay Orange 20 plus your line rental up front (about 300 in my case) per Treo.

    They will charge you another fee for not paying by direct debit.

    If you have any unused credit after 12 months you will get it back then.
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    Originally posted by Cyril
    I have 3 unlocked Treo 600s that I use with Voda, O2 and T-mobile.
    erm... WHY??? (if it's not a rude question)...
    Palm Vx -> Palm M505 -> Treo 180g -> Treo 600 (UK GSMrevA)
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    I ordered two, one for O2 (I have an upfront for life contract so get free calls for no monthly fee, but no GPRS, so have to use dial-up) and use the 2nd one for either Voda, T-mobile or Orange GPRS. Got the 3rd from work which I use for testing, after I ordered the first two Treos.

    Use different SIM cards for business and personal.
    People save money calling me as they get on-network calls.

    If you work with computers, it's always nice to have at least one or two backups. Having a complete physical mirror is very good for instant disaster recovery.

    Sadly I can't afford a spare BMW or three or house in central London yet.

    I can talk and surf at the same time, and get twice the battery life, and can have twice the memory and SD card storage

    OT: I have 20 TiVos too! Can record 10 times as much as Sky+ and record 20 channels at once. Dual record? Pathetic Sky+ is upgradeable to 120GB - I have a 1.6 TB TiVo array upgradeable to 10TB!
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    cyril, i am confused:

    - how did you unlock your orange treo 600s to work with voda/o2 etc? are you saying that orange will do this for you for a fee? can you repeat with more detail what you're saying?

    my situation: my company only uses voda so i can't use orange. i'm willing to pay orange an extra fee (if that's what you're saying) to buy it and unlock it so i can use with voda - is this possible?

    finally, are you willing to sell me one of your 600s?

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    Yes - Phone Orange and ask them to unlock your Treo -will cost around 20 plus a years line rental up front -about 300 in my case, could be much more in yours!

    Yes, I could sell for the right price

    Ebay is about 450+ for an unlocked Treo at mo'.

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