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    This post is dedicated to the italian owners of the TREO 600.

    The firmware of my TREO 600 is 02.08.
    I sent it twice in one month to the technical assistance of Handspring because it had several problems (freezing, soft reset, etc.)
    They updated the firmware just 2 weeks ago but now I am realizing that (I don't know how many times a day) it's not able to receive call!!!!
    The people that try to call me (I tested it by myself by the phone of my home) understand that the phone rings but I don't see nothing (lost call, etc.).
    When I try to use it to dial, the phone gives me a message like " It's not possible to complete the call. To try again, wait some seconds and than touch redial".
    If I try again, everything it's ok but later again I found the same problem.
    Anybody has any experience with this new problem?
    I am tired to have all these problem and I would like to have back my money!
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    Hi Catania!!!!

    I had same problem you reported with my old software version and Vodafone SIM.

    Which is your carrier ?

    I've now updated the phone to the 2.08 fw but it became sim locked so I can't test it now.

    I'm waiting Orange France to fix my problem.. as soon as I'll get back a working device I'll let you know if this is better or not.
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    My carrier is TIM.

    I contacted the Handspring assistance and they sent me an updated FW.
    The new version is now 02.09 and I must test if ,since now, my phone will work or not.

    The problem is that you'll never know if the phone works or not because nothing permit you to understand it.
    Only when somebody will ask why you don't answer to the calls.

    So you think to be reachable while insted you are isolated.........
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    I have been using my T600 in Italy (particulary in Catania) with no problems.

    I originally had 2.05 software, and did the update to 3.x.

    The only issue I've had is that I fried my Vodafone/Omnitel SIM and now with the replacement one GPRS has stopped working.

    My friend used a US T-Mobile SIM in Italy roaming on TIM with no problems and GPRS works ok.

    BTW, I will be in Catania from the 29 through the 1 May. Feel free to PM me if you'd like to meet to.


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