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    UK Orange are charging £8.50 per MB when roaming in France
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    One thing to watch out for is that the roaming charges between France and the UK are quite low... For Orange, that is.

    I'm not sure about the UK pricing, but there are some large variations in Orange France's GPRS roaming charges, so don't be lulled into assuming that the £8.50 charge applies in other countries.

    Take a look at Orange France's GPRS roaming pricing structure (taken from their Orange Sans Frontières brochure, dated 30-10/03):

    Band 1: €12/MB
    Most European operators, bar those below + AT&T in the US.
    Band 2: €13/MB
    KPN (NL), Orange (CH)
    Band 3: €13.50/MB
    Vodafone (GR), Vodafone (I), O2 (D), Proximus (B)
    Band 4: €13.80/MB
    E-Plus (D)
    Band 5: €15.10/MB
    Partner (IL)
    Band 6: €19.70/MB
    P&T (L)
    Band 7: €34.40/MB
    TMN (PT)

    So, as you can see, GPRS roaming can be mind-numbingly expensive. The crazy thing is that there seems to be no logic to it: Luxemburg, even as a neighbouring country to France, has one of the highest GPRS roaming rates for Orange France users (P&T are Band 6), and the idea of using GPRS on TMN in Portugal is just scary (though Optimus Portugal are Band 1).

    I'm sure Orange UK have a similar document which I am sure provides just as many scary insights!

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    In Italy Wind has a GPRS option for 19 €/month flat rate

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    I just found out the 8.50 per MB out the hard way. 1.8 MB and my phone bill has jumped up by 16.04

    Can we all say 'Daylight Robbery'?
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    Orange charge a delightful 10 pounds per megabyte whilst roaming in Finland. Obviously chosen to make it easy to work out costs!

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