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    Anyone in the UK on Orange using their TReo 600 to receive their Orange emails on the default mail app, Agendus Mail or Snappermail?

    I cannot get this to work at all . . .
    in -
    out -

    user name - should this be my email address (with or without the or my phone number? (web access to my email works fine on abut sks for my phone number and password)

    Anyone who has this working I would love to know your settings!' . . nothing on Orange website (that I can see)
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    In their infinite wisdom, the Orange web site email admins decided to change the normal username logins we use to use your mobile number as your username instead.

    If you registered before they did this , things should work with your old username OK.

    No idea what happens now!
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    i had the same problem.

    called up orange ..i think on 156 (calls cost 50 p a minute and takes 3 odd minutes). they resetted both my username and password which i entered in my email settings...and it worke fine!
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    Provided you can access "Your Orange" then your username should be found in email and messaging, your details. It may differ from your e-mail address.

    Dont know why they don't make a directory of settings (username and password excepted) available from "home".
    'Tis a bit of a pain in the backside having to troll through pages and login's to find generic information. I would suggest that an update/driver database may also be a good idea.

    If your gonna flog these phones you have to support them as
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    After flashing my Treo 650 I couldn't get my t650 working.

    I called orange and they gave me the following:

    1. Press menu key
    2. Scroll to accounts
    3. Account set up
    4. Select new:
    5. Enter account name (customers choice)
    6. Mail service
    7. Select next
    8. username - enter subs email username
    9. password - Tap on password and enter email password
    10. Select next
    11. Enter email address in email address line
    12. Incoming mail server: Enter subs pop 3 server
    13. Outgoing mail server: Enter smtp server: should always be if using GPRS
    14. Select next
    15. Tap on advanced:
    16. Incoming mail server settings
    17. Port number 110
    18. Ensure other boxes are unticked
    19. Select next:
    20. Outgoing mail server settings
    21. Port number 25
    Make sure other boxes are ticked:
    22. Select done

    As you can see the above isn't quite complete.

    I use my own pop3 account with another ISP. My username and password is their's (not Orange's). My "Email Address" is my own email address (not Orange's).

    Incoming mail server is "" and outgoing mail server is "".

    With that I can sucessfully send and recieve email.

    Hope this helps.

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