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    Originally posted by katris

    Suddenly the last 5 days the device started to do this buzzzz problem while on phone. People still tell me that this is very annoying !!
    So what do you think? Should I upgrade? This will solve this problem? Or should I try to return the device back !!
    Looking forward for your opinions.
    return in and get a new one if you can.
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    Originally posted by mani_lx

    I have excperienced the same with 2.08.

    I get a white screen when resetting. I have to uparrow-reset. Delete the 2 prefs files and restore them from a backup to get all working again.
    My problem was not related to the FW upgrade in the end. It was the new I-mode service.

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    I installed the official 2.09 update downloaded from the Italian site and suddenly, when I make a call I can't hear the other caller !! I have to press SPACEBAR , or the SPEAKERPHONE button in order to hear!! I tried hardresets but the problem remains. PLEASE HELP!! Any ideas?
    Shall I re-install the 2.08 ?? Where I can find it??
    Thanks, Christopher
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