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    Sorry if this has already been asked. Does anyone know if the Treo 600 will be released on the Vodafone network in the UK? I'm currently with Vodafone, but its looking like I'll have to move to Orange, anyone else done this an noticed a difference in service? Any regrets in moving to Orange?

    I've heard that its not going to be released on Vodafone (not in a rush anyway) as they have the P900, and Blackberry which are both in similar markets. Not sure how true this is, but reading all the reviews of the Treo 600 it seems more complete and a finished product.

    Thanks for any replies.
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    Orange are doing some good deals on the internet, e.g.

    I would say Orange are a little less reliable recently than O2, and more importantly, don't seem to have as good reception as O2 has in London nightclubs!

    Not regretted moving to Orange yet (have kept my O2 as a second line and have a Treo unlocked) ....
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    Yep, hate Orange. Quality of service is poor (in my area), reception quality inside buildings is much worse that Vodafone and customer service is poorer too, but, and its a BIG BUT, I could get my Treo 600 on it.

    So, had to switch. Treo brilliant. Orange poor, but bareable in order to have a Treo.

    PS. Flash your Treo with the latest firmware if you want to get rid of all the Orange-isms ;-)
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    me the same, inorder to get treo i have to sign a new contract with orange coz it is exclusive to orange in the !!!first 6month in the UK!!!!, hate it is locked Ihave to keeping my old number wiht voda on another moble waiting 4 unloack info
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    I signed up with Orange in the end, got 6 times as many free minutes, and texts included which beat my Vodafone tariff, and also beat the offer Vodafone made when I told them I was moving.

    I've signed up for the Orange GPRS package aswell. Hopefully their not too much worse than Vodafone.

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