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    I am planning to buy a Treo 600 GSM version in US and use it in Hong Kong but have a lot of questions. Really appreciate if anyone can answer them. Many thanks.

    1) Can the GSM version work in PCS network? (The network operator I am using is Sunday in Hong Kong)

    2) Must I buy UNLOCKED version? Can locked version what in Hong Kong?

    3) What's different between LOCKED and UNLOCKED version?

    4) Do any Treo 600 users in Hong Kong are using Sunday? How do you find the GPRS speed?

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    1. sunday must be a gsm provider for the gsm treo to work
    2. if you buy from the states, you must buy unlocked version, if it is locked for tmobile, sunday or any hk provider can't use it.
    3. locked means that provider made the phone only usable with their sim chip, unlocked means any provider's sim chip can be used
    4. don't know too much about sunday, gprs speed is pretty much the same throughout the world

    i was in the Hong Kong airport and saw an advertisement for a treo 600, so that would probably be your best bet, buy a localized chinese treo, it would probably be unlocked anyway, so you don't have to worry about it.
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    I agree that you should get an unlocked Chinese Treo although I didn't find them to be as cheap there as I expected. If you choose to get a locked phone here, you should be able to roam with it but check with your provider BEFORE leaving about modifying settings.

    Earlier this month, my AT&T locked Treo 600 never established service with about 5 carriers it recognized in Hong Kong. The AT&T guy said it would roam as soon as I stepped off of the plane. I probably should have changed the frequency somewhere in the phone preferences but couldn't find where to do it.
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    i don't think you have the option to change the frequency anyway, the treo does it automatically in the background when you turn the machine on... maybe AT&T didn't turn on your international roaming... I was in Hong Kong and China and I was roaming fine... but then again, I heard AT&T sucks...
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    LOL! It does.

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