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    I'm about to receive my second Teo replacement since I received the original unit last Friday. In addition to the other problems reported on this forum the catalogue of faults I have experienced is impressive and depressing, especially given the lack of coordination and response by Orange Corporate:

    - Cannot make any data connection (an error occured opening the network connection. The SIM works fine in a friends Motorola for GPRS...
    - Treo soft-resets when I press the hotsync button during the sync software install on my new XP pro laptop
    - Crashes during voice calls
    - Crashes when trying to forward some sms messages
    - Crashes when I use the SIM card in another phone which stores sms messages on the SIM

    It's pretty unusable, and Orange support has been next to useless. It even appears that the second unit they had sent out was not new but reconditioned.

    It does work, however, quite well as a flashlight.
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    That doesn't sound too good. I can't really help as I've been having no real problems (apart from ocassional network downtime) with my Orange GPRS or my 600 as a whole. It even came beautifully configured with all the right settings for Orange and Virgin (my ISP), which is more than my previous Treo 270 did.

    Have you installed any extra software (which could be causing the crashes)?

    Also, have you spoken to Oranges data services department (I've found them much more knowledgable than the general Orange customer services).

    Not sure if any other board members can add to this
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    Originally posted by JonStern

    Have you installed any extra software (which could be causing the crashes)?
    Jon, you cynic - rub salt on my wounds! I probably would install some software, as a long time palmisto... But as it stands... No net connection, no USB connection, no shell... no software.
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    Originally posted by apnea

    Jon, you cynic - rub salt on my wounds! I probably would install some software, as a long time palmisto... But as it stands... No net connection, no USB connection, no shell... no software.
    Well I wouldn't try to teach a veteran palm user anything, particularly as I am quite new to them (and handhelds all round) myself!

    Did both the 600's you've had so far have these problems or was it different problems on each?

    I can say that when you get a decent replacement its worth it, as its then a brilliant device.

    And if you think your experience is bad you should have had one of the earlier Treo models. The 600 is (I believe and some of the polls on these boards suggest) in a much higher league quality and reliability wise, though maybe still not good enough and no consolation if you've got a dud one...
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    Just posting to see if anyone else has this trouble:

    I got my Treo 600 from an Orange Shop 4 days ago and it still doesn't work as a phone. I suspect this may be down to Orange UK muppetry as it doesn't appear to be working on the network (it can detect networks but phone shows "no service").

    Has anyone else had this grief with Orange UK and can you let me know how they fixed it?



    PS The phone rocks the network sucks
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    One week later I'm on my 3rd Treo and GPRS worked straight away, albeit quite slow.

    The courier guy who broght the phone (same as last time) commented on how Treo 600 returns were keeping him in business.

    I figured out that the first two handsets I got were refurbs(comments from Tech support on #2, #1 box had other mobile number on the box)

    I'll try synching again tonight.

    I had lots of grief with Orange, but not your symptoms. Customer service was appalling I finally sorted all out by talking to the cust. support manager on duty (who also never phoned me back but arraged the last return). Most useful were the technical desk on 08000790024. They seem to be the only ones who know anything about the Treo, and they are the ones who authorise a return. I spoke to a guy called Ian there.
    Good luck


    PS: I presume you tried the obvious hard/soft resets and popping your sim into another phone?
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    I've just had my 5th (and slightly more productive) talk to orange techy people. After going through a load of obviously dumb issues ("take it back to the shop because they might have given you a T-mobile one by mistake") they finally got through to someone techy who told me they have a general network problem with registering treo phones.

    They didn't have my IMEI number registered and apparently they have a big backlog of hacked off treo customers to sort out so they won't be able to get my phone on the network til next Tuesday! (Grrrrr).

    Still I've got a decent PDA and with pocket-tunes and the 512mb sd card I've ordered it should make a great MP3 player. Just have to wait til Tuesday to find out if it's a decent phone


    PS I've tried the hard/soft (on/off and amazingly long reset pin) reboots without any joy. I've yet to try this SIM in another phone (will give it a try)
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    8 days after buying my Treo, my old sim has now stopped working and the new sim is up and running. A total of eight sim updates this morning and it works as a phone and with GPRS (Internet and pop/smtp to my account).

    Does anyone else find that internet use really hits the battery life?

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    Sounds like I've been lucky with my Orange 600 - no problems registering or with network (apart from occasional GPRS downtime). Overall orange seems better than O2 to me though that might be because the 600 picks up a stronger signal than my previous 270. I like the way Orange doesn't charge you for itemised billing like O2 did, also.

    Pete: hope you now find the phone matches the PDA functions
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    My two Treo 600s seem to work fine so far (2 or 3 months now).

    But Orange UK's GPRS is not as reliable as I had hoped.

    Will get a Vodafone PAYG sim card for GPRS and see how good it is.

    Sadly, O2 won't enable full GPRS on my Up Front for life contract, so I'm going to have to buy another O2 PAYG sim as they have disconnected my old one (forgot to top up after 6 months).

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