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    This guy says Orange says free TREO 600:


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    The Treo 600 has been available for free since it's release.

    You just have to

    a) pass credit check
    b) sign 12 month contract
    c) agree to spend 50 per month on your phone bill for 4 months
    d) spend at least 10 a month for remaining 8 months

    I paid 120 for two Treo 600s, with a 30 for 4 months spend.

    A lot cheaper than P900 or XDA 2.

    If you add the memory costs, it was 900 cheaper than getting a P900.

    I think the P900 is free if you spend about 80 a month for 4 months
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    Thanks for the reply - based on another reply elsewhere (from you, too?) it looks like plan prices are quite a bit higher in (Britain) Europe than the US - for $80, for example, Sprint will give you ==1400== "anytime" minutes and unlimited night and weekend minutes.

    That is, the British/European plans that give "free" high-end phones are themselves the payment for the phones - not a viable alternative in the USA yet.
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    EVERYTHING is more (usually much more) expensive here and we also pay higher taxes than you lot in the States & Cananda.

    The only exception is that we get cheap or 'free' phones with our mobile contracts. Most museums have free entry and quite a few art galleries and most parks are freeand we have a free National Health service, but that's about it.

    A bit like saying your 'car' is free but you have to pay 15,000 in taxes over 12 months.

    If I lived in the USA I would probably have several dozen mobile phones, a much bigger house instead of a flat, loads of PDAs, Macs and PCs and a Ferrari with the amount of extra taxes I have paid.

    Sadly my jobs don't pay anywhere near as much if I worked in the USA.

    And I like London better than anywhere else in the world.

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