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    Anyone using a Tre 600 in Singapore or Hong Kong?

    Can you post the setting for a GPRS connection on your carrier in the respective cities. I am going to visit both cities over the next week, and want to be able to get the Internet and email on the trip.

    If you can tell me your provider and post the needed setting (user naeme, password, APN) I will set my phone to your provider while roaming and set up for GPRS.

    It is really hard to find this information.

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    Here you go. Just happened to be reading this info when I came across your query.

    Foreign visitors roaming in Singapore can get access to MiWorld mobile by following these settings:

    WAP Settings
    Primary IP:
    Primary Port: 9201
    Secondary IP: <Blank>
    Secondary: <Blank>
    Idle Time Out: 180

    Data Bearer
    * Select GPRS
    APN: miworldroam
    Username: <mobile number of roamer>
    Password: user123

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