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    Originally posted by gabriellevy

    where in indonesia did you buy that unlocked 600? what mobile carrier or store?

    DOML International in Singapore.

    There're a few threads on this. Here're two:
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    A little while ago there was a post:

    T600 informed me about the Zlib that I accepted and managed to deflate the files.

    After the deflating, I got in to a loop: 'Make sure your connected to the charger, Do you want to run the update script?' when I answered Yes, got the same box again and again."

    I am having exactly the same problems on my UK Orange phone. Has anyone got any solutions as to how I can stop this loop from happening?

    Please help.

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    Originally posted by LiamPDATreo600
    Has anyone got any solutions as to how I can stop this loop from happening?

    Please help.

    Has already been addressed in this forum (page 9):

    You're probably running the upgrade from the SD card?

    Here's what I did to avoid the loop:

    Originally posted by Tonio78370
    This time I tried to avoid all possible error sources:
    - original charger (no USB)
    - language French (no English)
    - hotsynced the prc to the phone under new name
    - ripped out the SD card

    and it worked like a charm!
    Attention, I went to French after the hard reset because originally my phone is a French Orange Version.


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    Has anyone noticed that after the update, there is a periodic pause during a call (every 2-3 seconds) when using the headset. There is no break in the audio, but key inputs are delayed when using a voice mail system. You can also see it if you go to another application during a call (ZAP2016)...the screen will pause every 2-3 seconds. The strange thing is that this stops after you remove the headset. Anyone else see this?
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    Just got my hands on another unlocked 600 (Handspring unbranded)

    Must be either Latin American or Spanish as all the manuals are in Spanish.

    Came unlocked with the following:

    Firmware: 2.02
    Software: Treo600-1.06-INT
    Hardware: B

    I'll be upgrading it to the 2.09 firmware anyway.

    Just thought I'd add that info to the mix of Unlocked/Locked Branded/Unbranded talks.

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    Hello all,
    Leaving in Reunion Island, I just bought a Treo 600 from Orange Reunion (France).
    Having quality problems (FW 1.05), I've upgraded to 2.08. Worked perfect .

    BUT, now the Sim is not any more compatible with the phone.
    And Orange reunion are not able to do anything, they just say I have lost the warranty, so they can downgrade it to 1.05 for 100€. This will not correct the quality pb of 1.05.

    Any help required please, I bought it last week and now ??

    Thanks in advance,
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    The first thing I'd try would be firmware v2.09... You have nothing to lose and it may well fix your problems. Barring that, before paying Orange anything more (always worth avoiding giving them any more money than necessary), try your SIM in another phone and try another Orange SIM in your phone. This will let you see if the problem is with your SIM or the phone.

    If another Orange SIM works in your phone or if you find your SIM acting up in the other phone, call Orange and say that you've lost your SIM. They may charge you for a replacement (unlikely) but you may find that the new SIM will work in your phone.

    Hope this helps.


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    Originally posted by tobern
    Leaving in Reunion Island, I just bought a Treo 600 from Orange Reunion (France).
    Having quality problems (FW 1.05), I've upgraded to 2.08. Worked perfect .
    I suspect that the phone had been unlocked (by Orange) before they sold it to you. I can't check that point, but it's probably because Orange Reunion is technically a different network than Orange France (the "métropole" network), so the Orange RUN SIM card probably doesn't work "as is" with an Orange FR-locked device.

    The problem is that when performing the 2.08 upgrade, the phone reverts to its original (i.e. factory) simlock state, so if it was initially an Orange France device, it is now again locked to Orange France. You'd have to ask Orange Reunion (or Orange France, I don't know) the unlock code they initially used to unlock your phone.

    Since you're still an Orange Reunion customer, and not willing to use your Treo 600 with another network, you should be able, in the worst case, to ask them the unlock code... Tell them that you're willing to pay if its needed, the usual price is around 75€ and this will let you use the Treo again with your SIM card, I think. And that'll be cheaper than the 100€ they ask to downgrade it, plus you'll still have the 2.08 firmware which seems to bring you a better experience (simlocking problems aside).

    The alternative would be to get hold of the 2.09 patched firmware, and upgrade to that version, thus unlocking the phone. Be aware that some users have downgraded from 2.09 to 2.08 (I did, anyway) which seems more stable, so you might not want to chance it if 2.08 is working OK for you.
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    Thanks for your help dshirley and euroclie.

    First dshirley, of course I've tried my treo simcard on my old T68i, and the sim is still working perfect. Than I tried a Orange friend's sim on the Treo and got the same error message saying that the sim "is not compatible" with the phone.
    Than why should the 2.09 could unlock the phone where the 2.08 failed ?
    Orange told me that this is not a simlock problem (they can agree to give me an unlock code). Is it a "simlock" problem ?

    Than euroclie, I might agree that the networks between Reunion and France are different (I know that a locked French phone might not work in Reunion - To force us to buy locally).

    Since Orange Reunion seem not to know where to get more info.
    And here we cannot even call any 0800xx, I don't know what to do next. I don't think that an upgrade to 2.09 can do anything.

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    I've installed the official 2.09 update downloaded from the Italian site and suddenly, when I make a call I can't hear the other caller !! I have to press SPACEBAR , or the SPEAKERPHONE button in order to hear!! I tried hardresets but the problem remains. PLEASE HELP!! Any ideas?
    Shall I re-install the 2.08 ?? Where I can find it??
    Thanks, Christopher
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