After months of testing Australia still has not received the go ahead for the use of the Treo 600 on any of the networks.

Treo 600 units went on sale by preorder a few months ago and finally reached our shores this week.

Congratulations to those of you who managed to make a decision in the first place and those who have actually placed an order.

According to Brightpoint the distributer for Handspring in Australia, all unit they received were purchased by back order. They have no further stock until delivery on 19th January 2004.

I was one of those who held out for a better price and possibly a plan but was told too many things by to many people. I deliberated for to long and the end result was a no order and no stock outcome.

For the ones who will receive their units soon please provide your own feedback on how good the unit is and how it is going.

That is if you can use it on any network.

Would love to hear about it.