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    I am traveling to Cancun in December. I have ATT GSM. In the past, I have just paid the exhorbitant AT&T intl roaming rates. I hear there is a better way-- "buy a local SIM Card". How does that work?

    thanks in advance
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    in most countries u can buy a local sim card from the local provider so u pay the same as the mexicans do. however I was in matamoros recently and the prepaid sim card they were selling cost .40 cents per minute! USD! I think tmo roaming cost about the same. tho the advantage is if u meet a local girl ;-) she can call your mexico number without paying long distance. where as if u were roaming and she had to pay to call your US number. she might not call. I think there is a cheaper solution but, u have to subscribe to a contract in mexico and if u r just going to be there for a short time it might not be worth it.

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