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    The treo 600 came in italy the 17th of october, with 10000 pre order ;it cost 899 euro more or less 1000 dollars.It doesn't work as cell phone........Handspring hasn't solve the problem yet. This is a scandalous,I have a 1000 dollars device and i can't finish a call. I send an e-mail to ,they know the problem but they don't know what to do. Don't you think i have to go to a lawyer???????
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    I have mine with wind since 1 month and everything goes pretty well.

    Nevertheless it lacks some functions in the gsm part,but it works good for me.

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    I'm very happy for you,I use wind too and I have a lot of problems as many people in Italy. Which firmware do you have in your treo 600?
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    Firmware 02.01
    software 1.05
    Hardware B

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    marcoval, what exactly is the problem with the device? what do you mean by 'I can't finish a call'?
    what is your sw/fw/hw version?
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    I mean that i start a call and suddenly the treo reset itself,or i think that everything it's ok and nobody can call me,or sometimes when i finish a call I have to reset the treo because ..."va in blocco"(sorry I don't know how to traslate).....
    The Handspring Italia say that this week they will update the software of treo 600
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    Originally posted by marcoval
    ..."va in blocco"(sorry I don't know how to traslate
    I believe the correct translation is "it goes blank"
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    What firmware/hardware/software do you have ?


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