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    Unsurprisingly, a Three sim does not work in a T600 -just tried a friend's.

    Shame, as Three UK give the best tariffs for voice at the moment.

    Will stick with the Treo 600 for the next year it seems.
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    If you have an Orange T600, no it won't work. Orange branded T600's are SIM locked to Orange.
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    I'm new to the world of "sim locks." But I just got an Orange Treo 600, so I suppose I should figure it out.

    After my 12-month contract is up, will my Treo600 automatically unlock itself, so that I can use different SIM cards if I wanted to?

    Or will I need to get some piece of information from Orange to do that, or contact their network?

    Sorry to be asking what's probably common knowledge.

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    My orange T600 has been unlocked.

    The Three error message is 'Not enough power'

    After your 12 month contract you can ask Orange to unlock your T600 for 20.

    Or pay all your line rental up front.

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