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    I have to say, even if I love Treo since early dates - I own a Treo 180 - I'm disappointed about its launch down here in Italy (GSM unlocked only option).

    Treo 600 has come here for 900, which is a lot and there are no discount options for existing Treo owners as in the USA.

    users reported lots of bugs (look here and here for a couple of examples) and it's not sure their relationship with Italian GSM network. as a matter of fact, Italian users are waiting for an upgrade fix or an unit replacement (the story begins again).

    the are no TreoDays down here in Rome, as of November 14th, I went to both the stores reported on the site but they didn't know about this promotional days, nor they have a Treo 600 to handle.

    it's difficult to buy a Treo 600 these days, even if a crazy guy wants to spend 900 to get a buggy device.

    I hope for a better future. as an early owner of a Treo 180 device, I spent lots of time on debugging my device, and I replaced it 3 times (as lots of you, I know).

    what I expect from Handspring is more care for its customers.
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    Well, I hope you find better luck getting the Treo600! Also, it really isn't that easy to get the Treo600 in the US either. Virtually no stores have it in stock and there's still a heft delay if you ordered online via Handspringg/PalmOne. Anyway, I hope the carriers in Europe do start carrying and discounting soon...
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    You should now be able to get an unlocked Orange Treo for 500 GBP or less from someone in the UK.

    I have a spare

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