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    Hi all, first post so please be gentle

    I've just ordered a Treo 600 from the Orange website, to replace my Sony Ericsson P800 which I have been very disappointed with over the last 9 months. But no, this isn't a P800 v Treo post! It's a 'when can I expect delivery post'.

    Orange are supposed to send an order confirmation email, but tell me that feature isn't working at present. Even when I quote them my order reference, they cannot tell me if my order has been processed or when I should expect it - the best they could offer was that I should call next week if I had not received it!

    So, anyone ordered from them? What sort of time can I expect to be kept waiting? Cannot wait to get rid of this useless P800
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    To answer my own question...ordered Tuesday, arrived Friday.

    Got it sent to the office though, and of course I wasn't there Friday, so will be having fun at 8am tomorrow

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